to build the future

With 13 years of automation background we are proceeding in the machinery area by manufacturing reinforcement wire mesh welding machines with the brand Meshweld. After being founded in 2004, our company buided up and became the name SPD Industrial Automation and Control Systems. With more than thirteen years of experience we are serving in both areas of automation and machinery based in Manisa Turkey.

giving value to details

With our mechanical design, experienced team and the most assertive automation crew in Turkey, our aim is serving the best service possible and the highest quality and most efficient wire mesh welding machines to our customers.

institutional values

We append our engineering into the products that we develop. We produce robust machines by producing/using high quality semi-finished products. The new experiences we gain each passing day, ensure us to follow the vision of the future.

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                       All Meshweld Machines and its components are CE Certified

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