MW GO120

MW GP120

The MW-GO99, with a cycle capacity of 120 cycles per minute, can weld up to 250mm pitch (mesh dimension). The supported wire diameter is up to 1.6-6mm. Using an servo motor on the cross wire throwing system, the MW-GO99 models run steadily through a regular air intake.

120 resistance weldings per minute.

Gripper mechanism lead system driver.

Manual pre-feed system (MW-GP120), fully automatic pre-feed system (MW-GO120).

Mesh dimensions of 50-75-100-150-200-250mm.

Servo motor, chain model cross wire throwing system.

Wire diameters 1.6-6mm.

The welding system works with a 180 ampere welding control driving device and includes a cooling fan.

60 kVA HE welding transformer.

Panel cooling and temperature controlled by 1000W industrial type air conditioners.

PLC panel and speed control devices inside the automation panel are SIEMENS branded.

Remote control communication through IOT-PLC is free during the warranty period.

Internet access for the IOT 4,5G is free during the warranty period.